Sociodemographic Profiles of Caregivers and Their Association with Burden of Care in Dementia

Rosdinom R, Norzarina M Z, Zanariah M S, Ruzanna ZZ


Caring for a family member with dementia is associated with distress and several caregiver factors are known to be determinants of burden of care. Objective: To determine the relationship between the caregivers’ sociodemographic variables and their perceived burden of care. Methods: Patients diagnosed as having dementia with their caregivers were selected through a non-randomised sampling method from the psychogeriatric and memory clinics in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre and Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Burden of care was assessed using the Zarit Burden Interview. Results: Age, gender, educational achievement, ethnicity and kinship of the 65 caregivers did not show any significant statistical difference in relation to their perceived burden. Conclusion: Burden in caring after patients with dementia was not significantly determined by the sociodemographic characteristics of their caregivers.


Dementia, Burden of care, Caregivers, Zarit Burden Interview

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