The Neurobiopsychology of Suicidal Behaviors among Persons with Substance Dependence: The Role of Impulsivity

Izaida Ibrahim, Muhammad Fahmi Ismail


Suicidal behaviors pose a major health challenge to persons with substance dependence (PSD). This article explores impulsivity as a potential determinant of suicide risk among PSD. By examining the neuropsychological and neurobiological factors involved in suicide and substance dependence/abuse, several theories were considered in relation to impulsivity. Laboratory measurements of neurocognitive capabilities combined with neuroimaging technologies, genetic and neurobiological approaches were used to provide insight regarding the potential roles of impulsivity in suicidal behavior among PSD. Our observations, as well as limitations and future research directions are discussed in this paper.


Impulsivity, suicidal behaviors, substance dependence, substance abuse, suicide, impulse control.

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