Trauma and Traumatic Stress: The Long-term Effects of Childhood Traumatic Stress

Dar MA, Wani RA, Margoob MA, Hussain A, Rather YH, Chandel RK, Shah MS, Shah IA, Malla AA


Trauma and trauma related stress is an age old phenomenon. Much research has come up regarding the characterization and effects of trauma. Recently focus has been on the long-term effects of trauma. Both retrospective and prospective research is being carried out to study the trauma-effect relationship. Along with all others, children have also been receiving the blows of psychological trauma. Growing brain of children has been shown to reveal the effects of trauma late in the adulthood. Much research regarding the long-term effects of childhood trauma has pooled in the past three decades. Disorders varying from personality issues to Post-traumatic stress disorders have been known to develop in the adulthood of these trauma-torn children. Studies need to be undertaken to understand the factors leading to development of such sequeale. Further the protective practices need to be identified and promoted.

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Trauma; Children; Depression; Effects

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