Silent Lacunar Infarct With Peduncular Hallucinosis

Singh J, Ahmad N


Objective: Lacunar infarct is a small infarct in the distal distribution of deep penetrating vessels. A silent stroke is not associated with outward symptoms. The objective of this report is to highlight a case of a silent young stroke presenting with peduncular hallucinosis.

Methods: This gentleman was thoroughly investigated and was found to have a lacunar infarct of the Pons and Occipital Lobe. A further referral to Neurology thereafter; for an in depth investigation into the cause of this silent young stroke.

Results: Treatment with low dose antipsychotic resolved the complaints; while the episode being transient.

Conclusion: Organic psychosis is responsive to antidopaminergic agents, via action on the Ponto-Geniculo-Occipital pathways.

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lacunar infarct; pons; young stroke; peduncular hallucinosis; organic

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