Alcohol-Induced Psychotic Disorder with Suicidal Attempt: A Case Report

Tengku Mohd Saifuddin, Chong Wei Wei, Aida Farina Ismail, Noorul Amilin Harun


Alcohol-induced psychotic disorder (AIPD) is a rare complication of alcohol abuse which is characterized by an acute onset of auditory or visual hallucinations that occur either during or after a period of heavy alcohol consumption. Other symptoms include delusions, thought disorder, psychomotor disturbances, and abnormal affect. To establish the diagnosis, one must rule out other disorders such as alcohol withdrawal delirium or other psychotic disorders. Although it is well recognised, relatively little is known about the condition. Moreover, the pathogenesis and treatment of AIPD are still unclear despite high co-morbidity with other psychiatric disorders, high re-hospitalization as well as mortality rates and suicidal behaviour. Therefore, the prognosis appears less favourable. We present a case of young man with AIPD with suicidal attempt secondary to auditory hallucination.

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Alcohol-induced Psychotic Disorder (AIPD)

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