Anxiety and Cardiovascular Diseases: A Case Report

Wong Jing Yuan, Zurisha binti Zahari, Md Daniel bin Md Hassan, Tang Song Ling


This case report highlights the importance of watching and ruling out cardiovascular diseases in patients with anxiety disorders. In clinical settings, anxiety often might be the first or most prominent symptom of an undiagnosed medical illness, which only a detailed workup could establish its diagnostic significance. We report a case of ischaemic heart disease (IHD) in a patient presented with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) symptoms, such as difficulty sleeping, chest pain, tingling sensation in extremities and intermittent dyspnoea. After experiencing persistent chest pain for six months, patient was only referred to the cardiologist. A computed tomography (CT) angiography revealed blockage in his left coronary artery. After undergoing an angioplasty, patient came to his follow-up visit in good health and he is now able to sleep well – after years of attempting to treat his sleeping difficulty.

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Cardiovascular; Anxiety; Ishaemic Heart Disease; Comorbidity; Risk

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