Outcomes of Patients with Schizophrenia Receiving Community Psychiatry Services at Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta, Malaysia

Vikram S Suarn, Chuang Y Cheah, Azlin Baharudin


Introduction and Objective: The implementation of Community Psychiatry Services (CPS) in Malaysia varies across health care facilities depending on available resources. This study investigates CPS implementation by Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta, looking into factors associated with illness severity and outcomes, and to identify areas for improvement.

Methods: This is a cross sectional study from June to November 2018 and patients fulfilling the required criteria recruited using computer generated simple random sampling. Baseline data was obtained from case notes and interviews. Other assessment tools included Clinical Global Impression – Severity (CGI-S) scale for illness severity, Personal and Social Performance Scale s(PSP) for functioning, Medication Adherence Rating Scale Malay version (MARS-Malay version) and the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support Malay version (MSPSS-M). Descriptive and inferential analyses were performed using IBM SPSS v.20.0.

Results: Of the 205 participants, 60% were males, 82.4% unemployed, mean duration of illness 18.3 years, and mean duration of 7.64 years under CPS. There was improvement in severity of illness, number of admissions, substance use, adherence to medication, social support and functioning improved (p<0.05). Younger patients with better functioning and with no family history of mental illness, who had good support have a better improvement of illness (p<0.05). Patients on a longer duration of CPS were more likely to be hospitalised.

Conclusion: The study shows the importance of CPS for psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery of patients. This could be further enhanced by improvements in scope of service, social and job placement initiatives, and better access for youth.

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Schizophrenia; Community Psychiatry Services; Factor; Outcomes

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