Pseudocyesis and Delusional Miscarriage in a Patient with Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Soon Ken Chow, Amarpreet Kaur, Nor Zuraida Zainal


A case is presented of a middle-aged lady whose initial presentation was pseudocyesis, which was terminated by delusional miscarriages. The belief of pseudocyesis was initiated by amenorrhea and abdominal distention, which could be caused by bilateral ovarian carcinoma, with consequent peritoneal infiltration and hence ascites, fueled by patient’s thought disorder. This case supported the somatopsychic and psychosomatic hypothesis of pseudocyesis, in an already predisposed individual with psychodynamic difficulties. Clinicians should consider a delusional miscarriage state following pseudocyesis, recognizing the possible physiologic and psychological etiologies.

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Breast Cancer; Cancer; Delusional Miscarriage; Ovarian Cancer; Pregnancy; Pseudocyesis

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