A Survey Of Urban Child And Adolescent Mental Health Problems In An Urban Malaysian Population

Teoh HJ


Abstract: A total of 307 Malaysian children and their parents were surveyed to ascertain the prevalence of mental health problems amongst urban primary and secondary school children.  The results indicated that secondary school children report slightly higher rates of depressive symptoms, whereas primary school children report higher rates of social problems. There was also a discrepancy between child and parents reports of children’s emotions and behaviours.  Children’s self-reports of aggressive behaviours where higher than their parents’ reports.  Alternatively, parents reported lower levels of their childrens’ emotional problems, as compared with the childrens’ self-report.  When gender was taken into consideration, females were reported to be more aggressive, withdrawn, and have more attention problems when compared with males.

Key words: Children, Adolescents, Mental Health


Children, Adolescents, Mental Health

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