Circle of Care Project: a tool for growth in Psychosocial Interventions in Malaysia

Marhani M, Ruzanna ZZ, Abdul Kadir AB


This short report aims to describe the Circle of Care (COC) Project in Malaysia. This is an example of smart partnership between the Malaysian Psychiatric Association (MPA) and Johnson and Johnson which began in 2003. By means of philanthropic funds from an industrial company, many people have benefited in many different aspects through the project. It consists of three main psychosocial activities: education and support programme for carers and families of people with mental illness; psychosocial rehabilitation for patients with mental illness; and mass education for the people in promoting mental health and prevention of mental health problems and illness. To date, the project has either fully or partially funded hundreds of activities along the line of these three objectives. While there has been growth of psychosocial interventions in the country contributed by the project, it is faced with a few challenges which are becoming the next focus of actions of MPA.


Circle of Care, psychosocial interventions, family intervention, rehabilitation, mental health promotion

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