HRQoL Profile And Psychometric Properties Assessment Of Caregiver Quality Of Life Instrument Among HIV/AIDS Family Caregivers In Terengganu

Lua PL, Norhayati M, Ahmad Kashfi AR


Objective: This preliminary investigation intended to evaluate the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) profile of HIV/AIDS family caregivers residing in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia and to explore the psychometric properties of the Malay Caregiver Quality of Life (MCQoL) questionnaire in this sample.

Methods: A convenient sample of family caregivers of HIV/AIDS patients who were aware of the diagnosis was enrolled. They were recruited from the Infectious Disease Clinic, Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah, Terengganu. Data was analysed using SPSS16 employing descriptive and non-parametric statistical methods.

Results: Thirty respondents consented participation [median age = 43.0 years (range 19.0-81.0); female = 63.3%, married = 70.0%; ≤ primary school qualification = 46.7%; self-employed = 66.7% and rural residents = 56.7%]. Across all patients, the highest domain score was for Disruptiveness (median = 3.3; range 1.4-4.0) while Burden was the lowest (median = 2.3; range 1.0-3.6).  As expected, males reported significantly better Financial Concerns and Burden (p < 0.05). Interestingly, females and unmarried caregivers exhibited significantly worse quality of sleep compared to their counterparts. However, no significant HRQoL difference was demonstrated among respondents by various education level, living area and duration of care giving. Overall, the instrument tested exhibited evidence of favourable psychometric properties among HIV/AIDS caregivers.

Conclusion: In view of such findings, further exploratory studies are required to develop effective and practical interventions which could assist in improving the caregivers’ HRQoL. Besides, the Malay CQoL instrument was considered valid and reliable for this current population but more studies in bigger samples are required to re-confirm its properties.


HIV/AIDS; Family Caregivers; Health-Related Quality of Life

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