Associated Factors of Sex Offenders

Norliza C, Salina AA, Hatta MS, Mohamad Adam B


Objective: The aim of this study is to determine the risk factors for sex offenders.

Methods: This is a cross sectional study comparing two groups using a combination of survey methodology and personal interviews. The data was collected over a period of six months from January 2004 until June 2004. All convicted sex offenders in respective prisons who are available until July 2004 was included in the study. A control group of non-sex offenders were chosen from the same prisons. The non-sex offenders were matched to the sex offenders group in term of the length of their sentence. Data was gathered using the self generated questionnaire, Structured Clinical Interview for DSM III-R, SCID and Personality Diagnostic Questionnaires.

Results: Religion, education level, history of physical abuse and no history of substance abuse and dependence towards sex offenders.

Conclusion: Offenders who only committed sexual offences have some characteristics which differ from other sex offenders who committed non sexual offences as well. Low or no formal education, had history of physical abuse were associated with sex offenders. No history of substance abuse and dependence were associated with no sex offenders.

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Risk Factors; Sex Offenders

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