The Presentation and Treatment Options of Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Prem Kumar C, Stephen TJ, Nor Zuraida Z


We described the in-patient referrals of 59 patients suffering from the psychiatric effects of neuropsychiatric states and compared the presentation and treatment modalities between those with the Acute and Chronic varieties of Organic Brain Syndrome (OBS) over a 6-month period, and their treatment 24 months later. The mean duration of detecting the symptoms was 3.52 days. The presence of a premorbid psychiatric illness had no influence on their clinical presentation. The most popular combination of treatment was that of a low-dose neuroleptic and a benzodiazepine (34.7%). The need for maintenance treatment was not significantly different in any group, even in those with a past history of a functional disorder. Our findings suggest that OBS are poorly detected. Although they present in various ways, there was no significant difference in the overall clinical picture of Acute and Chronic OBS, or the need for continued treatment in both groups.


Delirium, Dementia, detection, clinical presentation, treatment

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