Cannabis as a Risk Factor for Persistent and Severe Depression: A Case Report

Khadijah Hasanah AA, Aida Harlina AR, Nik Ruzyanei NJ


Evidence linking cannabis use and depression remains inconsistent. Variations of clinical features were observed in those with history of cannabis use presented with affective symptoms. We report a case of a 19-year-old male college student with a history of heavy cannabis use for at least seven months. A month after stopping cannabis, he presented with severe persistent depressive symptoms. He had no withdrawal symptoms prior to this. He had severe depressive symptoms with melancholic features and progressed to multiple and serious suicidal attempts. While the use of cannabis is implicated in neither the patient’s diagnosis nor management, its use has a significant role in influencing the clinical features and course of the illness. This case suggests that depression can start long after cessation of cannabis use with the history of cannabis remained as a significant risk factor.

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Cannabis; Depression; Suicidal Attempt

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