Can a Depressed Patient Give Consent for Tubal Ligation?

Sawant NS, Parkar SR, Kate NS, Bhatankar S


Notion of competence to consent to treatment was originally required to address mainly cognitively impaired or psychotic individuals. According to mental health bill, every person with a mental illness shall be deemed to have capacity to make decisions regarding his mental care or treatment if such person has ability to understand the information relevant to mental health care or treatment, retain the information, use or weigh the information as a part of process of making treatment decision and communicate his decision by any means including talking, using sign language or any other means. We present to you a case of a young woman who had depression and was refused tubal ligation as she was not considered compos mentis to give consent for the same. This case highlights the need to liaison with the medical fraternity and creates awareness about different aspects of mental health for better management of the psychiatric patients.

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Consent; Depression; Mental Health Bill

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