Identification and Management of Psychiatric Co-Morbidities in Dermatological Disorders

Deshpande SS, More Y, Gokhale NR


Background: Comprehensive management of most of the dermatological disorders should include inputs for better mental health. Clinical practice of Psychodermatology, established at a tertiary hospital helps in effectively managing depression and anxiety associated with these conditions. We describe our experience and resultant insights of our Psychodermatology practice.

Methods: Common educational program for both the departments set stage for initiation of this activity. Objective clinical findings of 70 patients were recorded by both on as per a common protocol by Psychiatrist and Dermatologist. Summary of Dermatological and Psychiatric findings of cases seen over a period of 6 months, as well as the professional insights are elucidated in this paper.

Results and Conclusion: Patients with varied dermatological conditions were referred including various psychocutaneous disorders, fungal infections, melasma, vitiligo etc. Patients suffering from psoriasis had maximal psychiatric morbidity and Depressive disorders were the commonest psychiatric diagnosis among these referred patients (42.8%). Acceptance of psychiatric intervention by patients was very good to excellent due to liaison between dermatologist and psychiatrist for joint understanding as well as management of these cases. Senior clinicians referred more of these patients than the junior consultants.

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psychodermatology; psychocutaneous disorders; liaison psychiatry

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