Parity of Esteem for Mental Health: Improving the Physical Health of People with Mental Illness

Panirselvam RR


The parity of esteem remains as a global mental health challenge. The divide is greater in the developing world where physical health of individuals with mental health conditions often takes a backseat. This article explores the extent of the problem and feasible solutions both in global and regional perspectives of Bintulu; a low resource centre in Sarawak, Malaysia. Starting from the self which focuses on empowering mental health providers in becoming cognizant of monitoring physical health in service users. The discussion then delves on the overarching role of mental health teams in supporting allied services including primary health care teams and caregivers. Finally the need to improve healthcare systems in becoming more comprehensive and inclusive to service users is analysed. In conclusion practical evidence based solutions necessitate in achieving parity of esteem.

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Low And Middle Income Countries; Primary Care; Global Mental Health; Physical Health

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