Post Stroke Laughter – A Case Report

Amarpreet Kaur, Nor Zuraida Z, Ng CG, Aida SA


Pathological laughing or crying (PLC) were recognized after the occurrence of stroke, with a prevalence of 15% to 18%. There is no apparent triggering stimulus, and is often misdiagnosed as a mood disorder as it is a disorder of emotional expression rather than a primary disturbance of feeling. We reported a case of a 32 year old lady, who presented with giddiness and altered consciousness progressing to fever and neck stiffness, who’s CT showed a massive left cerebellar infarct. No risk factors were identified. Psychiatrically, she developed sudden crying spells after one month and a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder was made with subsequent commencement of anti-depressants. A week later, she developed continuous inappropriate laughter without the feeling of elation, which was beyond her control. There were no symptoms of mania or psychosis.


stroke, Post stroke depression, post stroke laughter

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