Media Reporting of Suicide in the Era of “Malaysia Baru”

Chan Lai Fong, Nurashikin Ibrahim, Nur Ajjrina Abdul Rahman, Sara Bartlett, Ng Yin Ping, Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin


Introduction: The media can be a double-edged sword in suicide prevention with the Werther and Papageno effect as risk and protective factors respectively.

Objective: This article provides a brief overview of the impact of media suicide reporting on suicidal behaviour and suicide prevention.

Results: In the Malaysian context, current practices of media suicide reporting, advocacy strategies  for responsible media suicide reporting as well as challenges in stakeholder awareness and engagement are highlighted. A review of the literature suggested limited implementaton and adherence of media guidelines locally.

Conclusions: Future research is warranted to establish the evidence base for effective strategies to improve stakeholder awareness, engagement and implementation of responsible media reporting of suicide.

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Media Reporting; Guidelines; Suicide; Prevention

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