‘The Voices Told Me to Cut My Hand’ – A Case Report of Recurrent Psychotic Self-Amputation

Choy Seng Kit, Rathan Kumar A/L Nachemutu


One of the common referrals to psychiatry services is pathological self-mutilating behaviour. In general, there are three types of pathological self-mutilation. Among them, major self-mutilation (MSM) probably receives the most attention because of its rarity and bizarreness. MSM is an uncommon act but often result in serious injury to the patient. It is almost always caused by psychotic illness. Some exotic examples of MSM include eye-enucleation, self-castration and self-amputation of limb. In this case report, we will discuss on a patient having schizophrenia with comorbid of polysubstance abuse performed self-amputation of his distal limb not once, but twice in a short space of few months due to command auditory hallucination. In the best of author’s knowledge, this is the first case report in Malaysia that focuses on recurrent psychotic self-amputation.

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Major Self-Mutilation; Self-Amputation of Limb; Command Hallucination

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