Psychometric Properties of the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale 21-item (DASS-21) Malay Version among a Big Sample Population of Non-Malays in Malaysia.

Ramli Musa, Edre Mohammad Aidid


Introduction: The Malay version of Depression Anxiety Stress Scale 21-item (M-DASS-21) has been tested in various populations in Malaysia. We are interested to look at the psychometric properties of the M-DASS-21 among Non-Malays in Malaysia.

Objectives: This study aimed to analyse its psychometric values among non-Malays based on a big sample size. The analysis was based on Exploratory Factor Analysis and construct validity.

Methodology: The data was captured through online web-based assessment. Incomplete entries and the Malay subjects were excluded and analysis was based on 33 655 completed entries which fulfilled the inclusion criteria.

Results: We obtained Cronbach’s alpha values of 0.92, 0.86 and 0.86 respectively for Depression, Anxiety and Stress domains. Rotated component analysis showed very good factor loadings for most items to their respective domains. All items displayed good factor loadings (>0.4) except 1 item. The non-fixed analysis showed the M- DASS-21 consisted of 2 domains and Stress items loaded equally to Depression and Anxiety domains.

Conclusion: Results of this study show that the psychometric values of the M-DASS-21 among Non-Malays are good and the results reflex that M-DASS-21 is a valid and reliable tool for Non-Malays in Malaysia. 

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Malaysians; Malay DASS-21; Non-Malay; Psychometric Values; Validation

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