Augmented Insight and Perceived Expressed Emotion in First Episode Schizophrenia

Boban Joseph


Objective: Lack of insight is a symptom of schizophrenia and variety of interventions developed and tested by researchers on persons with schizophrenia intend to enhance various domains of insight. The benefits of improving clinical insight have studied extensively, however, the benefits of improved clinical insight on perceived expressed emotions not explored by the researchers in the field.

Methods: The present research with a Randomized Control Trial design attempted to develop a brief intervention on improving clinical insight and then it checked that how clinical insight helped to reduce the perceived expressed emotion of outpatients with first episode schizophrenia in a tertiary care center in South India. Subjects of the study randomly recruited to two groups i.e., intervention (N=36) and treatment as usual, TAU (N=41) groups. The study used psycho-education, motivational enhancement, cognitive as well as metacognitive components in the brief interventions and post assessments were done immediately after the final session of the intervention.

Results: The results showed that there was significant reduction in the levels of expressed emotions considering their baseline scores.

Conclusion: Augmented clinical insight has a positive implication on perceived expressed emotions in first episode schizophrenia which can be further explored by future researches.

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Clinical Insight; Perceived Expressed Emotion; First Episode Schizophrenia; Brief Intervention

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