Conversion Symptoms In Schizophrenia: A Case Report

Ting JH, Nor Zuraida Z, Sharmilla K, Salina M


We report a 35 year-old Iranian female who presented with a sudden onset of left sided hemiparesis associated with temporary loss of consciousness of about 3 minutes. Neurological examination revealed a power of 0/5 over the left upper/lower limbs but reflexes were normal and plantar reflex was downgoing and equivocal. A computed tomography scan was done and it revealed mild bilateral frontal atrophy and a temporal arachnoid cyst which was decidedly an incidental finding and it did not have any relation to the clinical presentation. Electroencephalogram and other laboratory findings were all normal. When the psychiatric team interviewed her, it was revealed that the patient had recently experienced a major stressful event just prior to the hemiparesis. On further interview, the patient had complained of delusions of persecution, delusions of reference and also auditory hallucinations for approximately a year prior to admission. There have been only a spatter of reports of conversion symptoms seen in patients with schizophrenia and this is such a case.


Schizophrenia, conversion disorder

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