Schizophrenia-Biopsychosocial Approaches And Current Challenges (Second Edition)

Koh OH, Jesjeet SG, Pillai SK


Edited by Siegfried Kasper and George N. Papadimitriou

Informa Healthcare UK Ltd. London 2009, 386 pages

A lot has been written about schizophrenia but every once in a long while, a gem of a book will appear that will make the reader sit up and take notice. This is such a book with important contributions by numerous experts in the field globally. The management of schizophrenia or even any other psychiatric illnesses is always discussed along the lines of a biopsychosocial model. This book offers an insight into the latest trends and developments in schizophrenia treatment as well as challenges clinicians face on a daily basis when dealing with schizophrenics such as social stigma and violence associated with the illness.

This book has 5 parts to it with numerous contributors to each chapter for each part and the contributors are all reputable experts in psychiatry. Each contributor will be acknowledged at the beginning of the book whereby their names and place of practice are listed.

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