Nurturing Professionalism through Mental Health Community Project

Rafidah B, Muhammad Najib MA


Medical professionalism is now more crucial than ever. Recently, more and more misconduct among doctors widely portrayed and unashamedly publicized by the popular press. Medical Schools in Malaysia are working hard to rectify their weaknesses so that their products are competent and professional doctors. Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) certainly views this matter seriously and has incorporated professionalism training or as we call it Affective Domain Training into the curriculum implemented in all phases of the medical education. An example is the innovative inclusion of Community Project in the curriculum of undergraduate psychiatry. Although it started off with wanting to get students involved in creating awareness amongst the public about mental illness, but through it, students attained exposure in leadership, team-working and communication skills as well as what it means to be altruistic, to work under stress, to be empathic and many more. The students themselves enjoyed it. Although the down side include extra time, money and manpower, it can be safely concluded that having a community project in psychiatry undergraduate curriculum or other specialties for that matter could be an innovative and enjoyable way to nurture medical professionalism.


professionalism, mental health, medical education.

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