The compilation of the Malaysian Journal of Psychiatry (June 2010, Vol.19, No.1)

Editor: Nor Zuraida Zainal


  • General Hospital Without Consultation-Liaison Psychiatrist
  • Anxiety Disorders among Incarcerated Drug Users
  • Reverse Culture Shock among Returnee High School Students
  • A Survey Of Urban Child And Adolescent Mental Health Problems In An Urban Malaysian Population
  • Comparison Of Family Environmental Scale (FES) Subscales Between Malaysian Setting With The Original Dimension Of FES
  • Outcomes Of Dichotomizing A Continuous Variable In The Psychiatric Early Readmission Prediction Model
  • A Case of Post-Stroke Mania
  • Non-epileptic Hallucinations with Use of Levetiracetam - A Case Report
  • Schizophrenia-Biopsychosocial Approaches And Current Challenges (Second Edition)
  • Depression In Parkinson Disease: Clinical Features And Aetiology
  • Evidence-Based Clinical Practice - A Critical Analysis Of Its Justification And Limitations
  • Nurturing Professionalism through Mental Health Community Project

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